Photography~Shadow Were Are You?


Shadow here you are
following me where ever I go,
I never can get far your right on my tail.
As I try to move away from you
your constantly in the way
shadow why do you follow me so
constantly getting in the way?
~Ranie Patridis

Have you ever try getting away from your shadow as your trying to take a picture of something. It seems I have that problem. This day it was constant no matter which angle I shot from the sun was just in that right position that cause me to have my shadow get in the way. Being a tad fluster I turn on my shadow took a picture of it. Then once in my computer I started playing around in my photo program changing this shadow in to something else. First I darken a little then added a light source, cool! As I was looking at that shadow I thought, little fat ye are, so I thin it now don't you wish you could do that? And then I changed the color of that naughty little shadow. Well from there I can't remember all the steps I took. As you can see for your self what do you think of my shadow now?

Well I feel a lot better, my self I like the end result the best. Now for those of you thinking which end how about the distorted unique picture the shadow turn into. ..*smile*..




I was introduce to the art of pointillism a couple of years ago I believe in a doll group that I belong too. We were to make a doll in the style of an Artist way back. Going through the different artist I fell in love with George Surat an artist which was known for his little dots n slashes. After studying his work, well, I got so over whelm that I did not finish doll. It is waiting for me to pick up my paint brush to start working on it. Here is a ATC card that I did in pointillism. This is one of my very first attempt in the pointillism style. Every time I draw in the pointillism style I get better and better. What is that saying, "practice, practice, practice perfection will come along" I don't know about that what I do know that I have enjoy the many different styles of art. To the left of this page there is another pointillism card that I painted just a few months ago. Go take a peek it is near the bottom of this page.


Art ~ ATC Fabric

This is my first artist trading card. This adorable teddy bear is fabric. I cut it out then took my ink pens adding a bit of embellishment to it. I then picked up some embroider thread and did the eye's and nose. Then I decided it needed a bit more dressing up so I added some beads to the shirt and had Teddy holding a string of beads. The Title of this piece, "Let it Snow" I added some fake snow around him. The background is designer paper it was blue strips then I added some red lace around the edges. All my cards are hand made. I have a front which you see, then I glue this front to a core, let it dry, then I add the backing. I want my back to look as good as my front so to speak. Plus I like that card weight feel to it. The last thing I do to the back is apply a label with all my information on it. I take great pride in my art and how I put it together. I have received some beautiful cards that were only one-ply paper stock how disappointing it is. I think of my art as a true piece of value art. I want my work to show showmanship, quality, hopefully it will last a very long time and will be cherish as much as I value my art.


Poem ~ ART


The hen remarked to the mooley cow,
As she cackled her daily lay,
(That is, the hen cackled) "It's funny how
I'm good for an egg a day,
I'm a fool to do it, for what do I get?
My food and my lodging. My!
But the poodle gets that-he's the household pet,
And he never has laid a single egg yet-
Not even when eggs are high."

The mooley cow remarked to the hen,
As she masticated her cud,
(That is, the cow did) "Well, what then?
You quit, and your name is mud.
I'm good for eight gallons of milk each day,
And I'm given my stable and grub;
But the parrot gets that much, anyway,-
All she can gobble-and what does she pay?
Not a dribble of milk, the dub!"

But the hired man remarked to the pair,
"You get all that's coming to you.
The poodle does tricks, and the parrot can swear,
Which is better than you can do.
You're necessary, but what's the use
Of bewailing your daily part?
You're bourgeois-working's your only excuse;
You can't do nothing but just produce-
What them fellers does is ART!"


Doll ~ Clowns

Clowns let the Fun Begin

Do you like Clowns? Oh my I do, a few years back here in Hayfork a very small circus came and with it they had clowns. I was just as excited as the kids where. What I like about clowns colors does not have to match you can be bright and cheerful. Now some of their faces may not be so pretty but I do love the bright colors they represents. These clowns were one of my first attempt to design my own dolls. They are sitting on a trike that I found. I embellish this trike with balloons and ribbons. It was a fun! I still have these today they are 7 years old, still putting a smile on our faces. These are consider "Collector" doll not a doll for a child to play with.


Doll ~ Paper Doll

PAPER DOLLS aka Art Dolls

Dolls are such an interesting art. You say art? Yes art. When you design a doll you need to have an idea what you want. I lay out my sketches here n there then when I finally settle on one that I like I copy it then start taking it apart to make my pattern. Here on Time Flies I did just that she is a paper art doll. This was a challenge doll that I was designing for a doll group that I belong in. I started out making the circles then combining them as a body. Once I was happy with the size then I did some painting and antiquing to the main body. From there I had some time piece clip art that I choose for body placements. I had the adorable little face clip-art that I use for the face. Now comes the wings I painted those as I did the shoes also. This was a fun little project that I greatly enjoyed. In most of my collages I blend my artistic drawing skills in with my collages. I was very bliss to win this challenge and received another fabulous paper doll from Lynne our moderator. But that wasn't why I made this doll I just wanted to join in the challenge have a little bit of fun coming up with a very unique piece. Which I did, this little lady is one of my favorite paper art dolls.


Doll ~ Primitive Rag Doll

Primitive Rag Doll

I am a primitive rag doll in days past Mommy's, Granny's and Auntie's use to make rag doll for their children to play with. Some would paint their rag dolls with others would draw the feathers in ink and then some would even hand embroider the facial features. It depended on the designer artist ability as to how detailed the faces would be.

My designer started out using a wood spoon to draw my head from there she gave me a simple little rag doll body which she then did some fancy needle sculpting to give me fingers and toes. Did I mention that she even painted me fingernails and toenails with acrylic paint and varnish. I love my painted toes so much I demanded to be left barefooted. My hair and facial features are hand embroider my cheeks and hair is highlighted with color pencils then spray with a sealer. My clothes are sewn onto my body and my pretty little apron as you can see above is edge in a floral leaf hand embroider stitch. I am holding my favorite little toy a crochet teddy bear. In days past when dolls like me were made we were toys for the children now a days we have become "collector dolls" to be admired and loved. If you are interested in me you can see more pictures of me at etsy