The little roads to happiness, they are not hard to find;
They do not lead to great success-but to a quiet mind.
They do not lead to mighty power, nor to substantial wealth.
They bring one to a book, a flower, a song of cheer and health.
The little roads to happiness are free to everyone;
They lead one to the wind's caress, to kiss of friendly sun.
These little roads are shining white, for all the world to see;
Their sighn-boards, pointing left and right, are love and sympathy.
The little roads of happiness have this most charming way;
No matter how they may digress throughout the busy day;
No matter where they twist and wind through fields of rich delight,
They're always of the self same mind to lead us home at night.
Wilhelmina Stitch


A Gift for U

We are still making zentangles for the Holidays here. Be glad when this week is over with sorta getting tired of the holiday themes I am ready to move on to something else. This package came out pretty good I think I'll draw another one.
This one went fast too, well, the trade is pending I am pretty sure it is gone.


Zentangle Ornament

In the social group as you can see we are still drawing ornaments ..giggle.. it is sorta fun it is amazing to see all the different shapes, styles that everyone came up with. 
I was not really happy with this drawing but it sure did trade fast!...
Guess I'm not sure how I like using multiple colors in a Zentangle I really prefer Black and White plus one color nor more than 2 different colors.



I host a group over at ATCsforALL call
Zentangle with a Twist Social group
Here we have a great time drawing zentangles trying different techniques. The twist is to turn a drawing into a zentangle. It is quiet fun, we been drawing teddy bears and so much more turning them into Zentangles. With the Holidays here the Ladies and Gentlemen have been drawing ornaments, well, here is mine.



Long years of pleasant friendship may be broken
By one hour's work and thoughtless word or deed.
Yet why forget the thousand good words spoken,
The kindly help which met a passing need?
We do not spurn the sunlight when 'tis hidden;
We look for good when fiercest storms descend.
Then why lose faith, when underserved, unbidden,
We meet disloyal usage from a friend?
Benjamin Keech


Boy where have I've been?

Boy where have I been I notice that the last time I have been here was on the 13th of December. Boy has this month fly by so fast. Each day is getting shorter n shorter I find myself loosing time. With that said I am going to leave you with a positive quoite for the day.

Living is a form of not being sure,
not knowing what next, or how. the
moment you know how, you begin to
die a little. The artist never entirely
knows. We guess. We may be wrong, 
but we take leap after leap in the dark.
Agnes de Mille