This is one of my favorite drawings from last year. I like to draw in pencil then add one color to accent the picture.

Here I choose to color the leaves in.

Medium: pencil and color pencils


Daffodil ATC

Artist Trading Cards is one of my favorite past time. As you read these pages you see that I post quiet a few of them.

I find them so interesting if you can make it into an atc size 2.5 x 3.5 be able to slip into this those clear windows, well, you have an ATC.

This one is an hand embroider daffodil flower which I applied to the background which is designer paper. Then I took my metallic acrylic paint aging the card. I had enter in a flower swap over at atcard.

I think what I love most about these atc they are little pieces of art.



I loathe, abhor, detest, despise,
Abominate dried-apple pies.
I like good bread, I like good meat,
Or anything that's fit to eat;
But of all poor grub beneath the skies,
The poorest is dried apple pies.
Give me the toothache, or sore eyes,
But don't give me dried apple pies.
The farmer takes his gnarliest fruit,
'Tis wormy, bitter, and hard, to boot;
He leaves the hulls to make us cough,
And don't take half the peeling off.
Then on a dirty cord 'tis strung
And in a garret window hung,
And there it serves as roost for flies,
Until it's made up into pies.
Tread on my corns, or tell me lies,
But don't pass me dried-apple pies.


Art Doll #002

I altered a deck of card to make these Paper Art Dolls for a swap that I am in that was being hosted by ArteDar over at ATCsforALL

Folded up Art Dolls in ATC size 2.5 x 3.5

If you have not been over to see ATCsforAll you should. There are a lot of Artist over there working in different mediums.


Show Us Your Little Girl Shoes

Show us your little girl shoes. This was a swap I did over at ATC group. We were to draw shoes we wear as a child.

I drew this set for myself. I do not remember wearing shoes like these, it is possible though.

To view more shoes that I drew please visit my flickr site. Click on the flicker badge at the left of the screen to get to my site.


Altered Domino Book

The more I am getting into altering Dominoes the more I like it. You see here a book that I made out of two dominoes. I took the dominoes apply alcohol inks giving it a wood look. Then I measure the two dominoes together to get the page sizes. Folded in half then I hand stitch up the middle. Then I decorate each page. Once done with that I applied it to the dominoes. The view you are seeing here is the back view and side view of the front of the book. To view this little book up closer please visit my flickr site.