The Mask

Tis night the true democracy
When as the day
Like some great Monarch
With his train has passed by
In regal pomp and splendor.

The stars above shine bright for all we know
along the Milky Way.
As jostling crowds in radiant disarray
pass down Broad Boulevard in pageants vast.

We dance we play we parade down the street
wearing our bright colors to our delight
Over our face we wear our mask
To cover our fears
Disguise the sadness
The loneliness within our soul.

Hearing the music in the distance
The laughter of those along the way.
Hiding behind the bright colors
We dress to the occasion we laugh, sing, dancing along the way.

When daylight comes into the shadow we go
Letting our mask fall to our side
Looking inside knowing that for a time
We thought we were happy our fears at bay dancing along the way.

Each one of us playing our part in the
Mardi Gras of Night
Ranie Patridis