Here sparrows build upon the trees,
And stock-dove hides her nest;
The leaves are winnowed by the breeze
Into a calmer rest:
The blackcap's song was very sweet,
That used the rose to kiss;
It made the paradise complete:
My early home was this.
The redbreast from the sweetbrier bush
Dropt down to pick the worm;
On the horse-chestnut sang the thrush,
O'er the house where I was born;
The moonlight, like a shower of pearls,
Fell o'er this "bower of blis,"
And on the bench sat boys and girls:
My early home was this.
The old house stooped just like a cave,
Thatched o'er with mosses greens;
Winter around the walls would rave,
But all was calm within;
The trees are here all green agen,
Here bees the flowers still kiss,
But flowers and trees seemed sweeter then:
My early home was this.
John Clare


And they say....

And they say, those that keep busy stay out of trouble. Well you can say this for Tom Blackburn I don't know how he could get into trouble with all the work he has put into this trike. I can't wait to see what this will look like completely finish. Nice trike Tom!


My Day Sunday

Wow! What a wonderful day. We decided that a group of us was going to go for a motorycycle ride on Sunday. As the plans got underway I realized that I needed to go to our 1st Art Showing at the Hayfork Enchanted Florist and Tea House to view my friend Diane Glass art. So I politely informed all the riders they needed to meet us at the Florist shop and we all had to go in and look at Diane art. Oh by the way she has a beautiful blog site Artstanding Stranger she is also known as Glitter Crow in different art groups. We have the cutest little Florist Shoppe the owner Jan Rafferty she also serves tea too and she likes to display Art from our little town. Jan is such a beautiful wonderful person. The shop was full of Diane art and beaded jewerly, not to say the little 4x4 chunky pages and ATCs so much more.

Chatty and Glitter Crow aka Artstanding Stranger
Between us is a face of one of her pieces of Art. Diane like to take pictures of her relatives does like an abstract art with them. She gives them different types of bodies and emebellishments. They turn out really nice and the table beside us is full of her beautiful beaded jewerly.
Some more of Diane Art and jewerly.
Very nice indeed.
Then off we went on our ride. There were 4 motorcycles or trikes in our group which included 6 individuals. We had a blast we took off to Mad River to a little hamburger stand and had lunch. I wasn't to happy with my lunch I had a Turkey Melt, very bland and dry. I won't try that sandwich again. From there we took off to Wildroad we stop at the little store there picked up something to drink for us it was lemon Lime Gaterade, big drinkers we are ..giggle.. then we came on back to Hayfork, got gas, we are now ready to go on our next little skirting. Hey, tomorrow I will share with you all the trike that Tom Blackburn is building boy is it amazing. Right now he is driving it with just a frame body, he will be working on the fiberglass body soon. Till we meet again everyone, have a great day!