What is a Friend?

I don't know...
I have heard friends come and go
Like the breeze in the afternoon
Some come for a Season or Time
I wouldn't know I don't believe I ever really had a friend.
Some have friends from childhood
College days
That are a big part of their lives
Do you have a friend like that?
I don't!
I was so shy in my childhood or youth
I was tease alot
Those were rough years
Times were changing
Nylons, girdles, mini skirts were in style
I wore bobby socks, oxfords shoes and dresses
down to the calves of my leg not to say my hair
pile high on top of my head
The accent the pronunciation of my words
did not help either
I stood out like a sore thumb
Dated a couple of times
Had a crush on one but he never really saw me
or we would be together today
My first love my puppy love was special until we broke up
I really did not have a friend that I could talk too
cry with tell my secrets too.
Never had a sleep over
Never went to birthday parties
I can say I don't have a friend like that!
What is a Friend?
We like to call individuals a friend
sometimes we call them our best friend
when a lot of times they are just acquaintance

Came to the conclusion that a friend
true friend
is someone really special.
They accept you for who you are
Do you have a friend like that?
I believe I have a friend
A special kind of friend
Every so often she check up on me
To see how I'm doing
I should do the same
I just don't know what to say
Not easy for me being such a loner
One that can occupy their time before you know it
the day is done
There are times I don't know what to do with my friend
We don't always understand each other

We always seem to find time in our busy
schedules to share a moment
to check out each other art
to support each other
as often as we can.

Who is this friend you ask?
Well my friend knows who they are
and that is all that matters.

Friendship Zentangle