This was a fun Swap over at http://www.ATCsforALL.com Kat hosted the Metamorphosis Swap.

We were to draw or stitched on 3 ATCs, on each card we were to have either a caterpillar, butterfly and Pupa Cocoon.

I always like to have a card for my self I did not want to draw 3 seperate ATCs so I put them all together in one card. Also did this for the Host card too. This is the one I kept for myself.

Medium: Ink and Watercolor


Chunky Fabric Page

I did it! I finally figure out how to get out of Draft Blogger..geez! Now I can upload a picture. Appearantly something is wrong with draft blogger.

The Little Seamstress

Well anyway here is a one page that I just finish and sent off to the Host of "A Charm, Beads, Fabric & Fiber Swap.

These are 4x4 fabric pages.

Really had a lot of fun making these up. I printed off on fabric the poem and the picture of a child sewing on her doll.



My Friends I am still unable to upload pictures.
I have join the Bloggers HELP Groupnot getting anywhere there much.
I can find now way of contacting Blogger Tech for help either.
So until I can post pictures for a time I'll share my poems, quotes once in a while.
I don't know what I'll do if this does not get fix.
Guess I shall wait and see.


Well I don't know,
For some reason I an unable to upload any pictures.
I have search for the last 2 hours trying to fix this.
I am very disappointed with Bogger right now.
I don't want to join a group to asked question?
I want to let Blogger know that I am unable to upload pictures!