The Master stood in His garden,
Among the lilies fair,
Which His own right hand had planted,
And trained with tend'rest care.
He looked at their snowy blossoms,
And marked with observant eye
That the flowers were sadly drooping,
For their leaves were parched and dry.
"My lilies need to be watered,"
The Heavenly Master said'
"Wherein shall I draw it for them,
And raise each drooping head?"
Close to his feet on the pathway,
Empty, and frail, and small,
An earthen vessel was lying,
Which seemed no use at all;
But the Master saw, and raised it
From the dust in which it lay,
And smiled, as He gently whispered,
"This shall do My work today:
"It is but an earthen vessel,
But it lay so close to Me;
It is small, but it is empty-
That is all it needs to be."
So to the fountain He took it,
And filled it full to the brim;
How glad was the earthen vessel
To be of some use to Him!
He poured forth the living water
Over His lilies fair,
Until the vessel was empty,
And again He filled it there.
He watered the drooping lilies
Until they revived again;
And the Master saw with pleasure
That His labor had not been vain.
His own hand had drawn the water
Which refreshed the thirsty flowers;
But He used the earthen vessel
To convey the living showers.
And to itself it whispered,
As He laid it aside once more,
"Still will I lie in His pathway,
Just where I did before.
"Close would I keep to the Master,
Empty would I remain,
And perhaps some day He may use me
To water His flowers again."



When I get started on a Theme sometimes it just takes me over.
Garden Scramble
Digital Enhance
Original~Medium Ink and Watercolor
To view the original drawing please click on the flickr emblem to the left of the screen GO TO:


Scramble Zentangle

To view the original hand drawn scramble ATC visit my Flickr Site to the left of the screen click on the Flickr emblim GO TO:


Seahorse Zentangle

After doing the Aqua Spider I was still in the mood for Under the Sea drawings. Here is my Digital enhance Seahorse #1
Digital enhance Seahorse #2 this one one received a good home went to TherapyArtist.
To view the original drawings seahorse please click on the flickr emblem to the left of the screen where it says GO TO:



This little gal likes to snatch dominoes especially if they are charms just the right size for her. The face is hand needle sculpted the body is cloth .The spool I use for the stand is a thread spool. Can yo believe that the spool has a price on it for 55cents now that was a long time ago!
I tried to keep my little Domino Gal, but she just would not let go of those domino charms so off she went to her new home in the UK to live with Jan. This was a swap I did over at the Altered Domino group on Flickr.



A while back over at ATCsforALL I host a social group "Zentangle with a Twist" it is so much fun a great group of Artist has join me over there. I offer a weekly challenge and this one particular challenge was title Aqua Spider. Boy, did I received mix reaction ..giggle.. it was so cute some could not get over that it was spider where others had a ball coming up with something. Each spider was done in the art of Zentangle some amazing cards came out of this challenge. I am going to post here the DIGITAL Aqua Spider here. If you would like to see the original drawing of my aqua spider please go to the left of the screen click on my flickr emblem GO TO: and look in the Zentangle Album.



It is by Faith that poetry, 
as well as devotion,
soars above this dull earth;
that imagination breaks through it clouds,
breathes a purer air,
and lives in a softer light.
~Henry Giles