I was introduce to the art of pointillism a couple of years ago I believe in a doll group that I belong too. We were to make a doll in the style of an Artist way back. Going through the different artist I fell in love with George Surat an artist which was known for his little dots n slashes. After studying his work, well, I got so over whelm that I did not finish doll. It is waiting for me to pick up my paint brush to start working on it. Here is a ATC card that I did in pointillism. This is one of my very first attempt in the pointillism style. Every time I draw in the pointillism style I get better and better. What is that saying, "practice, practice, practice perfection will come along" I don't know about that what I do know that I have enjoy the many different styles of art. To the left of this page there is another pointillism card that I painted just a few months ago. Go take a peek it is near the bottom of this page.

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