Nightly Assessments

We should every night call ourselves
to an account:
What infirmity have I mastered today?
What passions opposed!
What temptation resisted?
What virtue acquired?
~ Marcus Annaeus Seneca


What is in your Crow Closet

Oh my what is in your Crow Closet
You say crow closet!
Yes your crow closet a swap that I was in
At the time these thoughts went through my mind
How could I draw a crow that has a closet
The first that came to mind I thought
He will like bright colors maybe a fire red
Next thing I knew Mr. Crow became a fireman.
Now as I went onto the next crow
I was thinking what shall become of him
And what is in his closet?
It dawn on me how they fly from here to there
Squaking as the go
Sending of messages to the other crows
So henceforth came the Messenger
As the messenger goes here in there
I got to thinking he needs a place of business
The next thing I knew what was in the crow closet
was a crow in uniform taking care of the
Crow Station
Now what does these crows have in common?
Tis one Crow dreww up in 3 different outfits
Now you know what is in your crow closet.
~Ranie Patridis