I'm back....

Hello everyone, I'm back.

Between having computer problems and Blog problems well as you know I have been off line for the last 2 1/2 weeks. During that time I went through Computer With Drawl and got a lot of yard work done and still working on that. I've been out pruning up the Pine and Fur tree's in our yard. Now that the days are getting warming I will be going out very early in the mornings now working till about 10 a.m. then work the rest of the time in my shack or on my Arts n Crafts. Never know what I'll be doing that is for sure.

Mike and I have been enjoying riding our Boss Hoss trike. We have been riding with a group every Sunday last week we went to Trinidad had a fish n chip lunch boy was it good! It was such a wonderful day, it seems all the cares one have is blown away for that day. We love riding that trike.

Went to the Eye doctor today, been a rough day for me. They dilated my eyes they needed to check to see if the Diabetes I have had done any damage to my eyes. They were very concern about the little blood vessels in the back of my eyes that due to the high sugar level may have cause my little vessels to break and bleed thankfully it did not I feel so bliss. It looks like I have caught it at the right time. I have manage to bring it down from 200 - 325 to 119 - 145 there abouts and still bringing it down. I have hyperglycemia  so I need to bring my sugar down, if I was not able to do this through diet then I would have to get on that Pill, I did not want to take that pill at all. Anyway I'm sitting here in sun glasses for my eyes are still sensitive to the light.

Well, we finally got my car back. Been at the Car Hospital since last November. The Electrician never did discovered what was wrong with the car. I was very disgusted the guy thought maybe something he did that he did not know what he did may have fix it. He never could get it to stop running. Well we brought it home, I drove it back to Hayfork, guess what? This morning we jump into it, won't run!!! I didn't say a word, not sure what we are going to do now.

You are now caught up with me....starting tomorrow I'll be back on with my Arts and Photography you all have a ............

Memorial Weekend
I am, going for another ride this weekend!