You never can tell when you send a word
Like an arrow shot from a bow
By an archer blind, be it cruel or kind,
Just where it may chance to go.
It may pierce the breast of your dearest friend,
Tipped with its poison or balm,
To a stranger's heart in life's great mart
It may carry its pain or its calm.
You never can tell when you do an act
Just what the results will be,
But with every deed you are sowing a seed.
Though the harvest you may not see.
Each kindly act is an acorn dropped
In God's productive soil;
You may not know, but the tree shall grow
With shelter for those who toil.
You never can tell what your thoughts will do
In bringing you hate or love,
For thoughts are things, and their airy wings
Are swifter than carrier doves.
They follow the law of the universer-
Each thing must create its kind,
And they speed o'er the track to bring you back
Whatever went out from your mind.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Zentangle 150

I love making Zentangles here is one in the free form using the Verdigogh pattern along with other patterns I dreamed up. 
Zentangle 150



My friend ArtstandingStranger a while back hosted a BLING Chunkie Page. I wanted to participate but at that time, well, my health was not the best I did not feel I should obligate myself. To my amazement one day visiting her admiring everyone chunkie pages she gave me one that she had made. Oh it's beautiful! So since I'm one of these people that says I'm not making chunkie pages I decided to make her one hoping it will come out okay. I'm not a Bling person more of a tom boy and shiny things don't always grab my attention. 
Ranie BLING for Diane
I base my BLING on a Couple of Lovers I use embossing powders, pearl ex, glitter, bling, beads, lace, clipart, metallic watercolor paints, threads and yarns. I had so much fun making this that I made myself one too. Now I have a total of 3 different chunkie pages for myself. This is so addicting. 
Ranie Bling Chunkie Page
Well, they are almost just alike a little different not much. I like to make an extra one for me. To be able to show off my work in person. Always looks so much better in person than a picture. I tend to give most of my stuff away. Now I beginning to have a nice display of my art.


Quote for the Day!

Vanity plyas lurid tricks with our memory.
Joseph Conrad


Fabric Chunkie Pages

Well I have said over and over again. I have NO intention to start making chunkie pages. Guess what I'm making chunkie pages. These are 4 x 4 pages made of fabric or paper. We take these pages turning them into a book. Well here are my fabric pages. Our Host over at ATCsforALL wanted them chunkie. I had come up with an idea then I suddenly decided I better re-checked and see if there was a theme we were to go by. ..giggle..oh my there was boy did it turn my idea up side down. The theme was In the Garden, my mind started ticking in the garden then I had a great idea ........
In the Garden are my Funky Flowers
I started out with 2 pieces of fabric with batting. Then I sewed a design hoping to make it stiffer, I wasn't too happy with it then I took some silk flowers and hand sculpted a bunch of  nylon faces. Then I attached a few on each page I made 8 pages. Once done with that I decided those funky flowers needed something more so I went into my stash found some fuzzy yarn putting that around their faces now that dress it up a bit. Still something else was 
needed oh my goodness they were bald needed to fix that! I got some glue and glitter out gave them a funky looking cap still looked a bit plain, decided to add beads and buttons and so much more. My first chunky page and it had to be fabric. Lots of hand sewing a lot of work. I kept 3 giving one to a friend of mine here at home, two for myself, that means I sent 5 to UK. Now I am patiently waiting to received four pages back from four different artist. Once I get them back I get to turn them into a book. Now that is going to be interesting!



This is a cute little poem dated 1852 about a young child taught that she could not play on Sunday!

Now Dolly, my dear,
I pray you come here;
And work is all done;
I'll put you to bed, for to-morrow is Sunday,
And I'll not see you again until Monday.

you don't want to go?
But you ought to know
That it is by right;
So, Dolly, good-night:

You must lie without noise or crying till Monday,
For you know we ought not to play on Sunday.
author unknown