Oh my!
What a journey we all travel
When we are young and proud
Life goes by us so fast
We think nothing of if!


What is it?
We all believe we know what it is
Then suddenly we loose a love one
We think to our selves


Where did the time fly too
Where did each day go
Did you have the communication open?
Did you make sure you talk
At least once a day or once a week?


Has a way of throwing
Curves in our way
Before we know it we are caught up in it
When it hits us
we say


It is with the Grace of God
that we can work through each of these curves,
It is the patient of one that gets in the way
I know for I sometimes think if I could
just do this or that now!
It is not to be,


My dear husband lost his father this year
Actually in April we laid him to rest
In May over Memorial weekend
we had the
Celebration of Life
for dad in the Greek Church


I'm not sure actually why they
waited 40 days to hold the
Celebration of Life
I do know that it help put my
Mother in-law at peace
I'm so glad I was there to see this.

What is it?
It is living and moving on
Life has a way of twisting and curves
It is what we make of it
That brings peace and closer
to one soul

It is through the Grace of God
That we all get

by Ranie Patridis



ATCsforALL is having their Annual Art for All Gathering in Dallas Texas this year. They decided to have a challenge for the logo of this year event. Of course I would have to be thinking of Art ..giggle.. Mine did not win but boy did I have fun coming up with an idea for the logo. They said we could enter two which I ended up doing.

My First Drawing

My Second Drawing
Size on both 10x10

Now the winner ..giggle.. she drew a car with steer horns on the hood with two ladies holding a banner saying AFA Dallas Texas it is a really neat drawing.



Zentangle with a Twist

This week challenge we are to do anything we want ..giggle.. it could be free-form, picture-it or even a drawing or collage as long as there is repetitive pattners (s) included in the art. I found this very relaxing and so much fun!

Size 2.5 x 3.5


AFA Dallas Texas July 2011 Here I come!

I am trying to get some Artist Trading Cards made up so I can exchange them at the Art For All Gathering in Dallas Texas in July 2011. I'm so excited I can't wait to meet my fellow on line artist. This is going to be so much fun!

Did I tell ya, that Kat has her and I doing a Class together for this event? Well we are ..giggle.. we are going to give a class on

Sparking Your Creativity

Now doesn't that sound like fun!

Well here are my 3 additional cards I have done for this event


All Within A Basket

Poppy Bright
Hope to see you at
Art for All
Dallas, Texas


Zentangle With a Twist

This week we are having a fun challenge we are learning a new technique call Paint Peeling. I love how the background is so unique giving it a bit of an antique look.

Medium: Ink and Watercolor


Oh Glory! How Beautiful Thou Art

I never know what I'm going to give as a title,
Especially on my Abstract Art like this one.
At the time when all said n done,
I notice the soft glow reminding of the glow
of nature distinguishing the light from the dark.
Showing the Glory of God Work.


Friends are Special!

Once a month Robin and I exchange Postcards. We are having such fun doing this. I'm so proud that I actually for the first time getting mine barely mailed out in March.


Robin has been so sweet and kind not to say patience with me. I'm so thankful for the friendship we have!


The Sketchbook Challenge

This month our challenge theme is:

This was fun, I'm so looking forward to next month challenge.
I started late there are two more months I want to do
Just because they look so interesting a great way to
Get those creative juices flowing!


Zentangle with a Twist Social Group

This week challenge we are to take little bitsy pieces of paper apply them to a design that we drew then add a little bit of repetitive pattern also. I choose to draw a flower which I use repetitive pattern on the stem and leaves. This was a very fun challenge


Shih Tzu It's All About Dogs

All he wants is to fit in
Has a heart of gold
Give long sloppy kisses
Loves to be hug.

Precious Shih Tzu
Little lady she is
As she dainty prance around
Daring anyone to say other wise.
Max Shih Tzu
Look at those adorable eyes
Pleading with you
Asking you to love him.
Eva Shih Tzu
So full of mischief you never know what she is thinking
Or the trouble she can get into
She loves to cuddle and petted.
As you can see I had a blast drawing these precious dogs.


Half Full

Starting my collection of cards to take with me
to the Art for All Gathering in Dallas Texas in July.


Zentangle with a Twist

This week our challenge is all about Spring. Today is suppose to be the first day of spring here in my neck of the woods it is raining. Been raining and snowing for a week now. I keep thinking that Spring is around the corner it sure is slow getting here.

For my interpretation of Spring in a

Repetitive Pattern Format

I came up with


Hm, wonder when Spring will actually arrived.


Gift Wrap

1/1 Trade with SharonPMartin
over at ATCsforALL.com


Whimsical Animals of Africa

Another Swap I was in over at ATCsforALL.com
Host: Kat

I really had fun drawing these animals.


Hippo Family

ComeOn Rhino
Did you notice my cute Rhino is a Dinosaur instead?
I just know it got to be related to the Rhino ..giggle..
How I mixed that up I don't know, Kat graciously allowed
Comeon to be a Rhino.


Mike picked Mojo to stay with us.


Zentangle with a Twist Social Group

This week our challenge is to use the String and Paint Technique. I have seen this in ATC Workshop book and lately in the last issue of ATC Quarterly. We are to take a string, thread, yarn etc. wrap around the card then apply gesso. Then we are to add repetitive patterns maybe a picture or even a collage add a splash of color to finish it off. Of course we are to give it a title make it our own art.

Poppy Beauty

Medium: Ink and Watercolor Paint


Bamboo Swap

Over at ATCsforALL I enter a swap of Kats I believe she called it HD/HP Bamboo Swap these are the 4 I came up with.

Host Card
The next 3 went to individuals in the swap.
The next one I kept for myself
Medium: Watercolor


Zentangle with a Twist

This week we are to draw a Free-Form add a Triangle or more into our drawing. Then we were to sit back look at it see if you could see a picture. I discovered that mine turn into a basket and I even found a bell in there ..giggle.. I titled mine as:

Spring Bell

Can you tell I'm ready for Spring!


January Postcard to Robin

A fun piece I drew for Robin.
Medium: Ink, Watercolor and Pastels


Zentangle with a Twist Social Group

This week our challenge is to draw a Free-form and a Picture-It together. We are to see it then not see it to be an illusion.

Did you see the butterfly?
Some do and some don't that is the beauty of this piece.


Crazy Quilt 1 ~ 4x4 Chunky Page

This year is the year for 4x4 Chunky Pages and Art Journals
Combination of Drawing and Repetitive Patterns


Zentangle with a Twist Social Group

This week challenge we are to design a new pattern. Well I kept looking at my kitchen curtains noticing the filet pattern. Which most of you know is basically a crochet pattern. I took this pattern then added circles to go around the edges to give it that finish off look. This became my new repetitive pattern as some call  it today zentangles.

Filet Flower

Medium: Watercolor, Ink and Pastel Chalk


Crazy Quilts

So many ways to make a crazy quilt
Now you are thinking of course there is
Again you are thinking of fabric
Here I am thinking paper
These were done for a 4x4 chunky swap
Over at ATCsforALL.

Crazy Quilts

Of course I did keep one maybe two for my
Chunky 4x4 Book


Happy New Year 2011

Oh my!
You say
Aren't you a little late
Better late than never!

A little challenge over at
 Zentangle with a Twist Social Group
 before I left to go down to visit my Mom.
We were to zentangle something that reminded
us of or something we did on
New Years Eve
What do we all do on New Year Eve?