I have found such joy in simple things;
A plain, clean room, a nut-browned loaf of bread,
A cup of milk, a kettle as it sings,
The shelter of a roof above my head,
And in a leaf-laced square along the floor,
Where yellow sunlight glimmers through a door.

I have found joy such joy in things that fill
My quiet days: a curtain's blowing grace,
A potted plant upon my window sill,
A rose, fresh-cut and placed within a vase;
A table cleared, a lamp beside a chair,
And books I love have loved beside me there.

Oh, I have found such joys I wish I might
Tell every woman who goes seeking far
For some elusive, feverish delight,
That very close to home the great joys are:
The elemental things-old as the race,
Yet never, through the ages, commonplace.

~Grace Noll Crowell



Pa went to see the Doctor today
Complaining about being a tad over weight
The Doctor listen very quietly
then asked some questions.

Suddenly it was very quiet
Pa sat there wondering
as the minutes slipped by
Pa began to think that there
was something terribly wrong!

Doc took a big sigh and said
You must eat more greens!

Is that all, Doc?

I'll do that!

On the way home Ma asked Pa stopped
by the local ice cream parlor
Ma looked at Pa saying what the Doc tell ya?
Oh, nothing much just said I needed to eat more greens.

The waiter asked for their order Pa reply:
1 Chocolate single cone
1 Green single cone

Happy 4th of July


Altered Domino

I have discover that I like to alter dominoes. It is fun, you take a domino and change it appearance making it into something else.

Here I made a key chain, my first attempt at it. You could call this a Collage Key Chain with an original back ground. Once I came up with my design then I layered it with a nice glaze. On the back of this key chain I do have may label on it and it is also glaze just like the front. This was a very fun project. Right now I'm finishing up on a altered domino book.
photograph by ranie patridis



You and I by this lamp with these
Few books shut out the world. Our knees
Touch almost in this little space.
But I am glad. I see your face.
The silences are long, but each
Hears the other without speech.
And in this simple scene there is
The essence of all subtleties,
The freedom from all fret and smart,
The one sure sabbath of the heart.

The world-we cannot conquer it,
nor change the minds of fools one whit.
Here, here alone do we create
Beauty and peace inviolate;
here night by night and hour by hour
We build a high impregnable tower
Whence may shine, now and again,
A light to light the feet of men
When they see the rays thereof:
And this is marriage, this is love.
~Ludwig Lewisohn