Boss Hoss - A Song Within My Heart

This is one of those days when everything went right. This morning my yard is a happy one, the birds were at the feeder having breakfast singing their little hearts out. My cats Tabby and Bobby try their best to catch one of those lovely birds. Not sure if that is ever going to happen their hunting skills are lacking. Must be all that good food I feed them. Hubby fusses he wants them to catch gophers so far those gophers are not looking interesting to them ..giggle.. Such a beautiful day we will be taking off riding our Boss Hoss trike. You say what is a Boss Hoss Trike it is 3 wheeler with 355 horse power corvet engine that rumbles between your legs. Has a turbo hydro 350 automatic transmission and its ALL MINE! I do share it with hubby and we do take turns driving it too.
Here I am driving this beauty my husband is wonderful riding on the back. The guys do give him a bad time when they see me driving it with him on the back. We have so much fun with this trike to be fair guess I should show a picture of him driving it too. Ooops! It's me again ..giggle.. did I tell you this is my Boss Hoss!

So excited that spring is here weather nice we are off for a joy ride.......see ya later!


Art ~ ATC



You may be wondering what is ATC it's Artist Trading Cards. They are cards that are made to the size of 2.5 by 3.5 which Artist draw or paint on them. Some even make collages in these size. I've have seen fabric, metal, clay artist cards too. It is a great way of making friends and collecting all sorts or different medium cards. I love making atc. As you can see I have atc that I have drawn or painted made into collages even fabric now I am considering metal. Already picked up my supplies for that. Here you see a card that I did in a Zentangle drawing. I think it is so funny that doodling been given such a fancy name. I love to doodle it is so relaxing. I have come up with several different styles of doodling some time I like to add color to my piece other times I don't. My doodling is all done in ink. You say you can not draw, well, doodle instead. You may want to join the world of ATC's and do some trading with us.



Do you like to take photograph? I do, I have been taking pictures for years. Sometimes they are good other times well not so good. Last summer my husband and I would walk around the reservoir in the early mornings. It was just beautiful! As we walk along I kept seeing beautiful sites for taking pictures but I didn't want to bring my camera it isn't the smallest thing. Not to say we were suppose to be walking around the reservoir to get some exercise.But as the days pass on I just couldn't resist and ended up bringing my Nikon camera with me several times. I don't know what was worse walking up n down those hills around the reservoir or walking around slowly carrying a heavy camera. ..giggle.. This year I am going to have to figure out an easier way of carrying my camera. For I know there is going to be another perfect picture that I am going to have to take. As you can see in these two pictures that there are so many different views to behold. One day as hubby and I walk around the reservoir we were lucky to see an eagle dip down to catch a fish. It was just beautiful leave it to me to have my camera in the case. ..*smile*.. It will always be in my mind though!

Doll ~ The Rag Doll

Today my little friend spoke to me she was a little rag doll that I created a long time ago. She wanted to be re-adjusted in her chair as she gaze at the sunshine filtering through the windows. Rosa Lee is her name.

Rosa Lee is just a little rag doll. She is base on the old fashion painted rag doll of the past. The early Americans want a doll for their children where they could play with them without breaking. Some of the mothers who were talented in the Arts started experimenting with the simple rag doll painting their heads, arms n legs with oil paints. They were a hit, and some went on to make them to sale. This is a "Collector" doll not a toy for a child to play with.


Liza's just a rag doll,
Old and awful lookin';
I don't like her any more,
She's going to get forsooken.

What I want's a jointy doll
With hair and pretty dresses,
Instead of these old woolly things
That look such awful messes.

Yet, Liza is a good doll,
And such a quiet sleeper;
She never breaks or comes apart-
I guess I'd better keep her!
-Junius L. Cravens

Rag dolls are special the are warm n cuddly you always have someone to tell your secrets too. ..*smile*..


Art ~ATC Here We Go Again!

It's funny how little things in life makes a person wonder about them selves. Here I am trying with all my might to draw a portrait from a photograph from a magazine. I have spent hours sketching, erasing adding a shadow here n there still I do not have it quiet right. Back to the drawing board ..sigh.. take a look below, well back to the drawing board. Do you think I'll ever get this figure out! I started taking these drawing lessons here in my little neck of the woods. My goal was to learn how to draw realistic faces for my cloth dolls that I make. Well once I started drawing I discover that I really love it and I've been trying to draw ever since. My friend Diane kept telling me about this Artist Trading Card group now name ATCsforALL where you design cards that are 2.5 x 3.5 and trade them with fellow Artist. It is there that I discover that there is a lot more to just trading. I'm having a blast. I am in a Portrait Drawing Group hence the portrait up above. We are to draw a Reaslim Portrait, a Art History Portrait and Your Own Style from this one portrait. ..giggle.. I think I started with my own style first! I'll have to keep you updated on these drawings so come back!


Poem ~ The Human Touch

Oh my what a day! The sun is out the birds are singing the grass is growing and the flowers are beginning to bloom. What a glorious day it is. Been a tad busy around here running to n fro. I have taken a quiet moment to do some reflecting and read one of my favorite poems.


"Tis the human touch in this world that counts,
The touch of your hand and mine,
Which means far more to the fainting heart
The shelter and bread and wine;
For shelter is gone when the night is o'er,
And bread lasts only a day,
But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice
Sing on in the soul away.


I feel so refresh now! It's time to get moving and see what else I can get into before the day is over with. See ya latter.