AMERICA, O Power benign, great hearts revere your name,
You stretch your hand to every land, to weak and strong the same;
You claim no conquest of the sea, nor conquest of the field,
But conquest for the rights of man, that despots all shall yield.
America, fair land of mine, home of the just and true,
All hail to thee, land of the free, and the Red-White and Blue.
AMERICA, staunch, undismayed, your spirit is our might:
No splendor falls on feudal walls upon your mountain's height,
But shafts of Justice pierce your skies to light the way for all,
A world's great brotherhood of man, that cannot, must not fall.
AMERICA, in God we trust, we fear no tyrant's horde:
There's light that leads toward better deeds than conquest by the sword;
Yet our cause is just, if fight we must until the world be free
Of every menace, breed, or caste that strikes at Liberty.
AMERICA, home of the brave, our song in praise we bring-
Where Stars and Stripes the winds unfurl, 'tis there that tributes rings;
Our fathers gave their lives that we should live in Freedom's light-
Our lives we consecrate to thee, our guide the Might of Right.