In The Foggy Mist

Early in the morning
as the fog dances in
there is a feeling of quietness
that leads to a eerie peacefulness.

The trees are grateful for the mist
they graciously extend their limbs
reaching, reaching for the dew drops
from the falling mist.

In the early morning in the foggy mist
if you look carefully
very carefully
you may see a Trinity Fairy
dancing in the mist.

There she is, do you see her?
Dancing away in the mist.
Funny about the early Foggy Mist
it lets your imagination
works it best.
~Ranie Patridis


Bobby the Cat

Be still, don't move
My mistress may never see me
Cause I am so still.

As I hide here beside this plant
Thinking  and wishing this
plant would get out of my face.

Sit still don't move a muscle
I just might not get caught
There she goes off into another room.
Boy I hope she stays in there for a while
I'm itching to put my paw in one of these planters.

She is back what is that in her hand?
As she puts it up to her face
Calling my name
I look up in disgust
As a flash of light came from that box
She holds up to her face
Dog gone it I'm caught!

Story n Photograph by
Ranie Patridis