What is Life What is Death

Now you thinking what brought this on
You have been so quiet for such a long time
Sometimes life gets in the way
Then you say what is Life
We take it for granite
We don't think much about it
Till something happens in your life
to make you stop and think.

We start out as precious bundles
Our loving parents coo and aw over you
Then we grow up hearing our folks comment
Your time's a coming!
We play, we work, we travel the world around
Most of us never get out of our towns
Through books, movies and Internet one can dream
Still not knowing what life is all about

Through Faith we say we found our way
That life is precious in God eye's
We worship him, we depend on him
We try to walk our life with him
Thankful that he forgives us for our transgressions
As life go rushing by us each day we say
We are ready
Are we?

Each day passes by faster and faster
As the years go by
We rush back n forth
Life is good
Death comes knocking at the door!

Death you are never really ready for it
It is a shocking thing to go through
Emotions run high
Feelings are numb
You say and do things you wish you had not

You are never prepared for Death
Nor do you handle it well at all
With all the faith that one may have
When it comes down to watching a love one go
It is hard to find the words to help them through it.
You hope they find comfort with you silent sitting by

Stages of death is a mystery in it self
From watching movies you think it is fast and sweet
Let me tell you no it is not
For one must pass through the valley of memories
along death march.

Friends come by, some pray with you others don't
Family come and go not sure what to say or do
Emotionally all well one want you to believe
Mentally you are a mess
Unless you have things right with God
Physically the pain is unbearable
Your thankful for the pain pill to ease the pain away
A time comes when you just lie there
With your eye's close
hearing the sounds around you
Heart is strong, breathing is calm
Day by day as you get weaker
There is one that is constantly there beside you
You hear their pleas and prayers
You reach out to them in a spiritually way
You are told it is alright to go
With God's Grace!

Funeral comes
Friends and Family are there to say goodbye
Most are there with good intention
Some you wonder why they came
You can't help but feel that somehow all be touch
One way or another by the person who passed away
When it comes down to it all things are blur
Memories are clouded
You shake hands, gives hugs, shed a few tears
Go out to eat afterwords why I don't really know
It seems to be the thing to do
Some talk about the past other joke around
Some get reacquainted with long lost friends or family
I come to the conclusion that eating is a comfort thing.

The days are getting quieter
The spouse goes one last time to the Mortuary
To finish up business there
The friends you have are still there
Life just gets in the way
They think of you often
Your always on the back of their minds.
The phone does not ring so much
that it hits you suddenly
you are all alone!

The living must go on living
Do not dwell on the past
Start a new beginning
Be happy
Enjoy life
It is so precious in God eye's.

What is Life What is Death?

Do you know the answer
I think I do
Life is the Beginning the Walk of Life
Death is End of Life
It is what we do with our lives
How our out come will be
You see
Life is precious in God eye's
He loved us so much
He gave us his son to redeem mankind
When we truly walk with him
Believe in him
Converse with him
He will be with you at Death Doors
Guiding you each way through it
You see you are never alone
In life or death
As long as you have God by your side.
In that day when God Redeems this earth
The Righteous will be caught up into the heavens with him
Life is so precious it is how you live it how the outcome will be.

In Loving Memory
Waldo Ira Jones
August 14, 1920 - February 7, 2010

My Step-Dad the man that raise my brother and I