Shih Tzu It's All About Dogs

All he wants is to fit in
Has a heart of gold
Give long sloppy kisses
Loves to be hug.

Precious Shih Tzu
Little lady she is
As she dainty prance around
Daring anyone to say other wise.
Max Shih Tzu
Look at those adorable eyes
Pleading with you
Asking you to love him.
Eva Shih Tzu
So full of mischief you never know what she is thinking
Or the trouble she can get into
She loves to cuddle and petted.
As you can see I had a blast drawing these precious dogs.


Half Full

Starting my collection of cards to take with me
to the Art for All Gathering in Dallas Texas in July.


Zentangle with a Twist

This week our challenge is all about Spring. Today is suppose to be the first day of spring here in my neck of the woods it is raining. Been raining and snowing for a week now. I keep thinking that Spring is around the corner it sure is slow getting here.

For my interpretation of Spring in a

Repetitive Pattern Format

I came up with


Hm, wonder when Spring will actually arrived.