Doll ~ Primitive Rag Doll

Primitive Rag Doll

I am a primitive rag doll in days past Mommy's, Granny's and Auntie's use to make rag doll for their children to play with. Some would paint their rag dolls with others would draw the feathers in ink and then some would even hand embroider the facial features. It depended on the designer artist ability as to how detailed the faces would be.

My designer started out using a wood spoon to draw my head from there she gave me a simple little rag doll body which she then did some fancy needle sculpting to give me fingers and toes. Did I mention that she even painted me fingernails and toenails with acrylic paint and varnish. I love my painted toes so much I demanded to be left barefooted. My hair and facial features are hand embroider my cheeks and hair is highlighted with color pencils then spray with a sealer. My clothes are sewn onto my body and my pretty little apron as you can see above is edge in a floral leaf hand embroider stitch. I am holding my favorite little toy a crochet teddy bear. In days past when dolls like me were made we were toys for the children now a days we have become "collector dolls" to be admired and loved. If you are interested in me you can see more pictures of me at etsy

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