Photography~Shadow Were Are You?


Shadow here you are
following me where ever I go,
I never can get far your right on my tail.
As I try to move away from you
your constantly in the way
shadow why do you follow me so
constantly getting in the way?
~Ranie Patridis

Have you ever try getting away from your shadow as your trying to take a picture of something. It seems I have that problem. This day it was constant no matter which angle I shot from the sun was just in that right position that cause me to have my shadow get in the way. Being a tad fluster I turn on my shadow took a picture of it. Then once in my computer I started playing around in my photo program changing this shadow in to something else. First I darken a little then added a light source, cool! As I was looking at that shadow I thought, little fat ye are, so I thin it now don't you wish you could do that? And then I changed the color of that naughty little shadow. Well from there I can't remember all the steps I took. As you can see for your self what do you think of my shadow now?

Well I feel a lot better, my self I like the end result the best. Now for those of you thinking which end how about the distorted unique picture the shadow turn into. ..*smile*..

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