Positive Thinking


Our Faith and Belief Create Our Reality

Belive that life is worth living,
your belief will help create that fact.
~ William James


What a Day!

What a day it is
Mr. Wind is in a fix
He so busy blowing here in there
He doesn't realize how strong he is
I'm out trying to gather some flowers
Be so nice to give to someone special
Oh my goodness gracious!
I lost hold of that corner
There goes my net and all my flowers
Oh dear! What am I to do?
Needless to say with my flowers gone
I was not able to give to anyone special
My intentions were good
If only Mr. Wind had not blown so hard.

Once Mr. Wind settle down
Up to the North what is that Grumpy Clouds
Oh no!
Now what!

I must go get my umbrella
I still have flowers to gather.
Off I go
Goodness gracious what is wrong with
Mr. Grumpy Cloud
He is already letting a tears fall so grandly
I must not complain for we need the water
But oh! I want to save my flowers!
So off I go to gather my flowers
To give to someone special

~Ranie Patridis