God be with you in the Springtime
When the violets unfold,
And the buttercups and cowslips
Fill the fields with yellow gold;
In the time of apple blossoms,
When the happy bluebirds sing,
Filling all the world with gladness
God be with you in the Spring!
God be with you in the Summer,
When the sweet june roses blow,
When the bobolinks are laughing
And the brooks with music flow;
When the fields are white with daisies
And the days are glad and long-
God be with you in the Summer,
Filling all your world with song.
God be with you in the Autumn,
When the birds and flowers have fled,
And along the woodland pathways
Leaves are falling, gold and red;
When the Summer lies behind you,
In the eveing of the year-
God be with you in the Autumn,
Thenn to fill your heart with cheer.
God be with you in the Winter,
When the snow lies deep and white,
When the sleeping fields are silent
And the stars gleam cold and bright.
When the hand and heart are tired
With life's long ans weary quest-
God be with you in the Winter,
Just to guide you into rest.
Julian S. Cutler


Konkie Zentangle

I want you to meet Konkie he is a little zentangle that I started with an odd shape as I added onto the little fellow he took on a character of his own. I really like this little fellow thinking that no one would want it I put it up for trade on hubby persistant ..giggle.. oh my goodness poor little fellow got a new home right a way! I miss little Konkie, you say draw another one, well I have learned that doens't work will with me. Each one is different and this little fellow is special. Hope he likes his new home!



This week our challenge over at the Zentangle with a Twist Social group is "Wish Upon a Star" it is amazing to see what the other artist are coming up with. These are my two approach to this theme.

My husband and I was chuckling at this card the star stands out so bright and beautiful but if you look carefully the way the lines are drawn around the star and highlighted in yellow reflection of a person. At least we saw it ..giggle.. did you?
I have been hooked on penguins the are so cute and adorable so this little fellow is wishing upon a star looking straight up at it.



A man must be able to cut a knot,
for everything cannot be untied;
he must know how to disengage what is
essential from the detail in which it
is enwrapped, for everything cannot 
be equally considered:
in a word, he must be able
to simplify his duties,
his business and his life.
Henry Frederic Amiel



I host a Zentangle with a Twist Social Group over at ATCsforALL. This is a place for artst to get together in a social format to have fun, to learn, to experiment, to get encouragment just have fun doodling to be honest. The Ladies and Gentlemen love it. With the Holidays here everyone was excited about Christmas it ended up due to this excitment our challenges were winter challenges that was turn into Christmas Themes ..giggle.. Funny how people do that. Well anyway a few days back I shared a Zentangle Card title A Gift 4 U well here are a couple of more I ended up making 5 of these there were a big hit among ATC traders.

I really loves these Zens and I discovered I really love coloring them.

I made this one for Kat



Last Thursday I shared with you all the Art Deco cards that I did for CattyCat swap. I mention that I was making a set for my self using children.  I love Vintage clipart especially if they are children it just touches my heart. I think the reason for this is my love for Cloth Dolls. I love making the old fashion rag doll when they use to paint them. When I discover ATC and vintage clipart will I was won over, here they are.

And did you notice that some of the children are holding dolls. ..*smile*..
I notice in my vintage clip art that it shows children were use a lot for advertising different products back in those days. Interesting!



A laugh is just like sunshine.
It freshens all the day,
It tips the peak of life with light,
And drives the clouds away.
The soul grows glad that hears it
And feels its courage strong.
A laugh is just like sunshine 
Cor cheering folks along.
A laugh is just like music.
It lingers in the heart,
And where its melody is heard
The ills of life depart;
And happy thoughts come crowding
Its joyful notes to greet:
A laugh is just like music
For making living sweet.
Author Unknown