Art ~ ATC Fabric

This is my first artist trading card. This adorable teddy bear is fabric. I cut it out then took my ink pens adding a bit of embellishment to it. I then picked up some embroider thread and did the eye's and nose. Then I decided it needed a bit more dressing up so I added some beads to the shirt and had Teddy holding a string of beads. The Title of this piece, "Let it Snow" I added some fake snow around him. The background is designer paper it was blue strips then I added some red lace around the edges. All my cards are hand made. I have a front which you see, then I glue this front to a core, let it dry, then I add the backing. I want my back to look as good as my front so to speak. Plus I like that card weight feel to it. The last thing I do to the back is apply a label with all my information on it. I take great pride in my art and how I put it together. I have received some beautiful cards that were only one-ply paper stock how disappointing it is. I think of my art as a true piece of value art. I want my work to show showmanship, quality, hopefully it will last a very long time and will be cherish as much as I value my art.

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