The Joys of Spring!

I dream of Spring through the Winter months
It seems as I get older
The days get longer.

Maybe it my joints
Complaining and groaning
Telling me it is hard to bend.

I don't know
Just wish that Spring has Sprung
I dream of warm days cool evenings
Listening to the frogs sing  as it warms up
Watching those little heads pop out of the ground
to bring you joy a smile comes to your face.

As Spring gets close the days get longer
Here in there we have more sunny days
A bit of cheerfulness finds it way to you
The first blooms to pop up are my Miniature Iris
Reminds of a friend no longer with us.

Who would know the Sun
Would be taken over by the Clouds
Tis over cast and dreary
My spirit falls down.

Not feeling well to day
The wood stove a going it is nice and warm
Sinus acting not helping a bit at all
As I sit and doodle
The art shows my feelings
They say April Showers brings May Flowers.
Now its raining cats and dogs
Tis a dark and dreary day
I wonder how my poor little iris are doing
Afraid to go out and check
A few day later the Sun pops back out
I venture out
Only to discover that my poor little Iris
Did not do so well.

A sadness comes over me and I think to myself
Wow! Its Cold!
Out here!
Why is it not warming up
The Sun is out shining giving no warmth.
Went to bed that night
Woke up to snow.
That day it snow some more
Getting deeper by the inches
Snow is beautiful
Makes everything nice and clean
But oh is it cold to be out there
I prefer my warm little shack
With the good olé wood stove
Just a cranking a way.

Again my sinus bothering me
Been rough for a couple of months
Wish this sinus would disappear
As I'm thinking how bad I feel
I set down to doodle
to keep my mind off of me

What is that I'm a hearing?
Oh know!
The wind is blowing!
As it get stronger and stronger
I hear branches falling
In my mind I see the tree's bending
As they struggle to stay upright
I fear that my flowers that I have left
Are blowing in the wind.
Know one knows where
Surely where ever they are
It must be warmer than here.

As I struggle with this sinus infection
Finally went to the Doctor
Gave me some antibiotics
Hope that does the trick.
They say get a Neti Pot
Wash that nose away
Oh my!

For in about 2 weeks or more
I'll be off to Monterey
There we are holding our
1st Annual
California AFA Gathering
Where we shall have
Workshops and Demos
All gathering around to trade and play.
Dare I say I do feel better!

There you have it
Joy's of Spring!