As Mike and I was coming home, along the way we would stop taking pictures of interest. On this one, we found a beautiful rock chimney standing all alone. As we were walking around it, you couldn't but wonder what story this chimney could recall.
Rock Chimney
Standing all alone it had a air of mystery.
Now as I was taking pictures Mike kept teasing me that I might fall into a septic tank the lid of the tank was off of the septic now were is that septic I don't know! He was so concern about it that when I turn around to take a shot at him I caught him
Mike Yawns
yawning, boy does he have a BIG mouth! He should be tired we drove over 180 miles this day. Did we both sleep good that night.
Now isn't that a beautiful Trike we just love it.


Digger Pine Cone

This past weekend, Mike and I spent riding on our Boss Hoss Trike. We road over 200 miles practically in a  circle. What I mean on Saturday we left for Redding, from there we went to Red Bluff from there we went to Wild Road back to Hayfork and home. Then On Sunday we took off to Weaverville drove around the lake and back home. The days were beautiful up in the 90's a bit warm but oh so lovely. You know we have Spring Fever bad! Coming down Wild Road we stop by Hayfork Creek to rest and to admire the sites. I happen to see a Digger Pinecone ..giggle.. I had Mike take a picture of me with it. This pine cone was as large as my head if not larger....

Digger Pine Cone
Can you imagine one of these falling on your head!
Photograph using my Nikon Coolpix P4 Camera.



As most of you know I live up in the mountains in Northern California. Up here we have wild turkey's. We just love them, you will see them out in the field every now and then, mostly lately though they have been near a neighbor of ours. The Old Tom, must be lonely, for his ladies are nesting right now. ..giggle.. For some reason this fella chases white vehicles and we happen to be one of those white vehicles. So this one morning I took the camera and and took a few pictures here is one for you.

Old Tom
Isn't he handsome!
Well, it is back to working in the yard for now.
Picture taken with my Nikon Coolpix P4 Camera.


Juanita Iris

I was delighted this week to notice that my first little miniature iris has bloomed. I am hopping to that I will get more these little iris are so special to me.You know you never know what you really have till you loose someone close to you. For me that was Juanita Irvine. Now let me tell you she was a character she was a bit hard to get to know, but, once you did, well, she was special. Before she died a vew years back she gave me some of her prize minature iris. Now whenever they bloom, I say, Hello Juanita how have you been and in my mind that little iris says back to me: "It's about time you got out here working in your yard!" now that is exactly what Juanita would say. ..*smile*..
Juanita Minature Iris
So far I have not seen any of these little iris in any of my flowers catalogs...If I ever find them I'm going to snag them I just love them. This picture was taken with my Nikon Coolpix P4 a delightful little camera!


Mushroom House

While my Computer was down I have been working on some swaps. I have gotten into making these Chunky 4x4 pages so far mine have all been fabric.
I just love it!
I made several, I will show two here and the rest will be in my Flickr Site soon.
Mushroom House
The two I am sharing here I kept for myself. Eventually I am going to have a book just of mine own fabric pages that I created.
All hand stitched and designed and signed by the Artist.



I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember.
"We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September,"
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December.
Oliver Hereford