Telephone is an amazing bit of information
You never know what you will hear
It maybe good news
Bad news then it maybe something funny.

Has come such a long ways
Remember when you use to round it up
Hanging there on the wall
Sharing your conversation with all.

How did we do with out them
My Grandma had a black one that sit on a table
Nice sturdy big phone
Lots of conversation went through that phone.

Remember when you could see a pay phone
Usually at the Gas Station
So convenient to drop some coins make that call
Letting love ones or friends know this n that.

The other day there in Redding we stop
In a Serve It Your Self Gas Station there before me
Standing all alone was a
Pay Phone

I can remember there would be at least two or more.
Looking so sad and lonely all alone
Standing there not able to move
Watching phones traveling with their masters
All day long as they pass by giving him a wink

He may look sad and lonely but not really
For he knows not everyone has a cell phone
He is there to serve
Knowing he is giving a helping hand.

Telephones have come a long ways in the old days
They were just use for communication
Keeping in touch with family and friends
Now they are use for entertainment and communication
From iTube to Facebook lets not forget the newspaper too
All those lovely photos to texting and music too


Has become an amazing bet of information
Much more than communication

Wonder what my Grandma would say to day
If she could see what phones can do today
by Ranie Patridis