We are living, we are dwelling,
In a grand and awful time,
In an age on ages telling
To be living is sublime.
Hark! the waking up of nations,
Gog and Magog to the fray.
Hark! what soundeth is creation
Groaning for its latter day.
Will ye play then, will ye dally
With your music and your wine?
Up! it is Jehovah's rally!
God's own arm hath need of thine.
Hark! the onset! will ye fold your
Faith-clad arms in lazy lock?
Up, oh up, thou drowsy soldier!
Worlds are charging to the shock.
Worlds are charging-heaven beholdiing;
Thou hast but an hour to fight;
Now the blazoned cross unfolding,
On-right onward for the right.
On! let all the soul within you
for the truth's sake go abroad!
Strike! let every nerve and sinew
tell on ages-tell for God.
~Arthur Cleveland Coxe


Lets Get Stitching

I participate in a swap over at ATCsforALL where we were to make a fabric card using stitchings. I came up with the idea of hand embroidering the Sun Bonnet Sue and Sam and I also hand sew the edges.
Sun Bonnet Sue
Sun Bonnet Sam

Sun Bonnet Sue
 Sun Bonnet Sam
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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: Difficult Days

Everyone gets their rough day.
No one gets a free ride.
so far,
I got a dial tone.
~Rodney Dangerfield 


Masquerade Zentangle

A couple of weeks ago we did a Masquerade Zentangle over at Zentangle with a Twist Social Group over at ATCsforALL. This was a lot of fun there were some very interesting mask drawn.
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Zentangle Tree

Here is a little tree that I zentangle the other day.
Zentangle Tree
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Zentangle Love

Valentine Day has come and gone. Lately over at the Zentangle with a Twist at ATCsforALL we have been drawing hearts. We have been having a lot of fun doing this here is one of mine I'll be sharing others later.
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Back in December CattyCat Hosted a Art Deco Swap she gave us 9 cards that were printed with an Deco Designed then we were to fill in the blank pages. If memory serves me correctly I showed the cards I did for her swap.Now here are the cards I received back each one unique and special.