Is it true, O Christ in Heaven,
That the highest suffer most?
That the strongest wander furthest,
And more helplessly are lost?
That the mark of rank in nature
Is capacity for pain?
And the anguish of the singer
Makes the sweetness of the strain?
Is it true, O Christ in Heaven,
That whichever way we go
Walls of darkness must surround us,
Thinks we would but cannot know?
That the infinite must bound us
Like a temple veil unrent,
Whilst the finite ever wearies,
So that one's therein content?
Is it true, O Christ in Heaven,
That the fullness yet to come
Is so glorious and so perfect
That to know would strike us dumb?
That if ever for a moment
We could pierce beyond the sky
With these poor dim eyes of mortals,
We should just see God and die?
Sarah Williams


Fall Apple Harvest

I enter the Fall Contest over at ATCsforALL 
Fall Apple Harvest
After the last look at the voting mine not making it. What was I thinking about Fall, me Harvest look like everyone else was thinking Halloween. Oh well, I had fun painting this in watercolor.


Gold Award

Thank you Diane for the Gold Award. Friends are special and when we start surfing on the web we tend to forget the miles between it is like we are right next door!

From what I understand I am suppose to send this gold card to four friends, one of the being out of them to be out of my country. Four wonderful Artist that I have enjoy becoming friends with.
The first one I am sending this Gold Card too is CattyCat check out her blog she is doing the Monster Mash over there a great place to visit.

The second one I am sending this Gold Card too is Hazel Rose Looms a wonderful friend of mine so much like me who is into all sorts of Arts n Craft. Hazel and her hubby makes the most beautiful looms. Please go visit her blog she is always sharing her beautiful photographs.
The third person I am sending the Gold Card too is Artyfax - An Artist Blog who is in the UK a very nice gentleman a wonderful Artist. John has a flare that sometimes make me shake my head he is always bringing a smile to my face.
The fourth person I am sending the Gold Card too is Pause-ablity a wonderful delightful artist that is a person of her own. I am always amaze how she comes up with the most delightful art that she creates.
I consider all these individuals and so much more my Internet friends. Now my friends it is your turn, click on the picture copy it to your computer then pass it onto 4 friends one of the must live outside your country. Have fun! I did!



In matters of principle
stand like a rock
in matters of taste
swim with the current.
~thomas jefferson


Vintage Tag #2

Here is my 2nd vintage tag. I have a friend here that is also involved in a lot of art groups. She is mostly into chunky books right now. I'm trying to stay away from them. Anyway she just host a Blink Chunky Book swap. Well I wasn't sure what bling was, the other day I went over to her house admiring everyone chunkie book pages. Some marvelous work there ladies! After viewing all that lovely work seeing what they use for bling ..giggle.. I have bling, oh how funny. While working on this 2nd vintage tag for the challenge swap over on the flickr site I just couldn't get that bling out of my head.
vintage tag #2
~Ranie Patridis
Oh my, once working on this card I started adding bling in the form of beads, lace and button. The clip art I painted with metallic acrylic paint add lace to hang the tag by. When all done and said, I couldn't let this go either. This was my 2nd tag and my first bling ..giggle.. I kept it!...and NO I did not attempt to try to do a 3rd one I decided that 2 attempts were enough. Hopefully when I enter the next challenge swap I'll be strong enough to let go....


Vintage Tag

Over on the Flickr site i belong to a group of artist that once a week we have a challenge swap. At this time the challenge was making a Vintage Tag size 2.5 x 3.5 Well I made one, loved it so much I kept it. After all it was my first tag I had ever made. 
vintage tag #1
~ Ranie Patridis
I love Fall I love seeing the changing of the colors not to say the harvest from all your grow. Pumpkins are my favorite squash I love pumpkin pie and soup. Can't you see a child carving faces into a pumpkin at harvest time? I can. This is a collage I alcohol Ink the background then I added vintage clip art that I had layering it. I like to cut my figures out and mix them up. Then I cut up some straw very small then last not least like to take my paints and touch up the clipart. I then add a bunch of yarns and ribbons to hang by. I kept this one and thought to myself  you can make another one for the challenge to swap. That you will see tomorrow.



Hurry the baby as fast as you can,
Hurry him, worry him, make him a man.
Off with his baby clothes, get him in pants,
Feed him on brain foods and make him advance.
Hustle him, soon as he's able to walk,
Into a grammar school; cram him with talk.
Fill his poor head full of figures and facts,
Keep on a-jamming them in till it cracks.
Once boys grew up at a rational rate,
Now we develop a man whil you wait,
Rush him through college, compel him to grab
Of every known subject a dip and a dab.
Get him in business and after the cash,
All by the time he can grow a mustache.
Let him forget he was ever a boy,
Make gold his god and its jingle his joy.
Keep him a-hustling and clear out of breath,
Until he wins-nervous prostration and death.
~nixon waterman