One of my most favorite poems I find most poems to be very refreshing especially those of Faith and Reverence.

God be with you in the Springtime
When the violets unfold,
And the buttercups and cowslips
Fill the fields with yellow gold;
In the time of apple blossoms,
When the happy bluebirds sing,
filling all the world with gladness-
Gold be with in the Spring!

God be with you in the Summer,
When the sweet June roses blow,
When the boblinks are laughing
And the brooks with music flow;
When the fields are white with daisies
And the days are glad and long-
God be with you in the Summer,
Filling all your world with song.

God be with you in the Autumn,
When the birds and flowers have fled,
And along the woodland pathways
Leaves are falling, gold and red;
When the Summer lies behind you,
In the evening of the year-
God be with you in the Autumn,
Then to fill your heart with cheer.

God be with you in the Winter,
When the snow lies deep and white,
When the sleeping fields are silent
And the stars gleam cold and bright.
When the hand and heart are tired
With life's long and weary quest-
God be with you in the Winter,
Just to guide you into rest.
Julian s. Cutler


Charmed One

I just couldn't resist I just had to share with you all my latest doll venture. Back in February I took this class over at Doll Street Dreamers of Sherri Goshon called Charmed One. I wanted a fun simple class I have not been making dolls in such a long time due to health and other obligation that just kept getting in the way. Though this class was in February I did not finish it till May. Here are two of these adorable dolls which I am giving away ..giggle.. hubby thinks I'm crazy I just can't keep them all. As for selling I only like to sell dolls that I designed unless I finally have to let one go, then it is consider a use second hand doll. I know Doll Artist do not want to hear that but it's so. Even commercial dolls had an Artist to designed it once bought well it becomes a use second hand doll that is usually pass onto someone else.

These dolls are fabric with polyester fiberfill stuffing. Once the form is made then it becomes a canvas to paint and collage on. It was so much fun! I'm going to make me one for my birthday. Sherri made the comment you won't be able stop at one boy was she right!


New Beginnings

Over on another site we were given a egg shape pattern to make something out of it that represent new beginnings. I found this really hard for some reason.

First I made a picture of a bulb that became a flower. I wasn't satisfy with that back to the drawing board.

Then I came up with this idea with a baby inside an egg. A combination of drawing and collage.

Hence forth we have New Beginnings.


Portrait Drawing

My Nephew
I made this pencil drawing about 2 years ago. Not bad for someone that has never taken an art class.


House Keeping

In the Drawing Session over at ATCsforALL
we were to draw a picture of still life.

While I was cleaning house one day I notice my feather duster, candle and a apple on the table. It suddenly hit me that I should draw that. That's what I did any excuse to get out of house keeping ..giggle.. the first picture is in pencils the second one is done in watercolor.


Zetti Girl

What is a Zetti, I'm not really sure. Over at ATCsforAll from what I'm gather they are people and animals with stripes some where on them. I had enter a swap call Zetti Girls this is my take of what a Zetti girl would look like.

Zetti Girl
Medium: Ink and Watercolor

by Ranie Patridis


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Medium: Pencil

~by Ranie Patridis