When we on simple rations sup
How easy is the washing up!
But heavy feeding complicates
The task by soiling many plates.
And though I grant that I have prayed
that we might find a serving-maid,
I'd scullion all my days, I think,
To see her smile across the sink!
I wash, she wipes. In water hot
I souse each dish and pan and pot;
While Taffy mutters, purrs, and begs,
And rubs himself against my legs.
The man who never in his life
Has washed the dishes with his wife
Or polished up the silver plate-
He still is largely celibate.
One warning: there is certain ware
That must be handled with all care:
The Lord Himself will give you up
If you should drop a willow cup!
Christopher Morley
On another note today is
let us honor our Verterans by flying the Flag!


If thou of fortune be bereft,
And thou dost find but two loaves left
To thee-sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.
But not alone does beauty bide
Where bloom and tint and fragrance hide;
The minstrel's melody may feed
Perhaps a more insistent need.
But even beauty, howe'er blent
To ear and eye, fails to content;
Only the heart, with love afire,
Can satisfy the soul's desire.
James terry White


Butterfly Zentangle

With Spring here now it is the beginning of Summer
I decided to host a
Butterfly and Dragonfly Zentangle challenge.
At the time I was doing this my computer went down. Boy is it hard to host a group when you can not share anything.
This is one of my drawings that I did I'll be sharing the others later.



Real adulthood is the result of two qualities:
The process of developing them together
in balance is called maturing.
J.W. Jepson


JOY RIDE .....

As I continue my saga of Joy Ride I left you at the Restaurant where we had a delightful lunch. We all had fish n chips the best I have ever eaten it was really good. We left there started heading home just as the fog was beginning to come in. In some section it was very cold thankfully I had my sweat shirt on. We headed back to Hwy 36 to come home. On the way back as you can see in this picture we stop up on South Fork the guys were checking out our trike trying to figure out why they kept smiling gas. That my hubby showing the best side of him looking under the trike. we discover later that it had to do with the reserve gas tank. We believe we have the problem solved hopefully. Well that is the end of this saga we had a delightful day still put a smile on our face when we think of it.


Joy Ride....

As I continue with our story, Rhonda and I was looking over the side of the wharf looking for seals. We did not see a one. We looked and looked then over on the beach we saw a seal in the distance we decided it must have been dead. But I couldn't figure out why people where over there staying a good distance from the seal. I wish I had gone over there now and taken a picture but I did not instead I kept looking down upon the ocean looking for a seal. As you see in the picture I took pictures of the rocks and ocean instead ..giggle.. it was so much fun and can you believe when we finally left the wharf to join the guys at the resturant off in the distance just about where we were there were 2 heads bobbin out of the water!


Joy Ride

Mike and I have been riding on Sundays with a group of friends. We have been having so much fun. On this little ride we went to Trinidad we ate at a little resturant on the ocean had the best fish n chips. Fantastic! Rhonda and I walk down on the wharf to see what everyone was catching. Well we did not see anything it appears that nobody had caught anything yet. The children were having a blast fishing. I decided that I should take some pictures for inspiration for my drawing. I thought to myself well, here is a boat I've been wanting to try my hand at this. This was all I needed to pull my camera out. I started clicking here n there all over the place. As you can see it was a beautiful day. The coast was clear as a bell, the fog was out. But by the time we left and started heading back home the fog was coming in. Boy is that fog cold and damp.



All the bells of heaven may ring,
All the birds of heaven may sing,
All the wells on earth may spring,
All the winds on earth may bring
All sweet sounds together;
Sweeter far than all things heard,
Hand of harper, tone of bird,
Sound of woods at sundawn stirred,
Welling water's winsome word,
Wind in warm wan weather,
One thing yet there is, that none
Hearing ere its chime be done
Knows not well the sweetest one
Heard of man beneath the sun,
hoped in heaven hearafter;
Soft and strong and loud and light
Very sound of very light
Heard from morning's rosiest height
When the soul of all delight
Fills a child's clear laughter.
Golden bells of welcome rolled
Never forth such notes, nor told
hours so blithe in tones so bold,
As the radiant mouth of gold
Here that rings forth heaven.
If the golden-crested wren
Were a nightingale-why, then,
Something seen and heard of men
Might be half as sweet as when
Laughs a child of seven.
Algernon Charles Swinburne