Open your eyes that you may see
The beauty that around you lies,
The misty loveliness of the dawn,
The glowing colors of the skies;
The child's bright eager eyes of blue,
The gnarled and wrinkled face of age,
The bird with crimson on his wing
Whose spirit never knew a cage;
The roadside's blooming goldenrod
So brave through summer's wind and heat,
The brook that rushes to the sea
With courage that naught may defeat.
Open your eyes that you may see
The wonder that around you lies;
It will enrich your every day
And make you glad and kind and wise.
Emma Boge Whisenland



Who loves the rain
And loves his home,
And looks on life with quiet eyes,
Him will I follow through the storm;
And at his heart-fire keep me warm;
Nor hell nor heaven shall that soul surprise,
Who loves the rain, 
And loves his home,
And looks on life with quiet eyes.
Frances Wills Shaw


Mystery of a SnowFlake

This was my favorite of all the zentangle snowflakes I made. This was traded right away, guess I was not the only one that like it. ..*smile*..



Ah, a mystery of a snowflake. 
It gently falls from the sky as silent as can be.
As each one falls each one is different
So delicate that it is impossible to see the
beautiful pattern of each snowflake.
Zentangle Snowflake
Over at ATCsforALL Nataliee was our Host she came up with a challenge that we should make a Zentangle snowflake. 

It was amazing to see all the different snowflakes that our members made. Not one was a like!



Tis the human touch in this world that counts,
The touch of your hand and mine,
Which means far more to the fainting heart
Than shelter and rbead and wine;
For shelter is gone when the night is o'er,
And bread lasts only a day,
But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice
Sing on in the soul alway.
~Spencer Michael Free



One day I was thinking, yes I was thinking can you believe that? My husband wanted to know what the noise was ..giggle.. well, as I was thinking I thought it would be nice to make up Post Cards of my Art maybe try to sale them or send them off in the mail to friends and family. 
A while back I was making these Fabric Chunkie Pages. Digitally I made a photograph of the pages then tweak them a bit for post cards here are my first 2 cards I want to make a set of 5 or 6 different views.
In the Garden are my Funky Flowers
here is the 2nd one...
Amazing what you can do with digital pictures!



My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a Man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is Father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.
William Wordsworth
I bet you thought this was going to be a beautiful poem about rainbows, this poor fella must have been very down when he wrote this poem.
Have a Beautiful day!