Chisel in hand stood a sculptor boy
With his marble block before him,
And his eyes lit up with a smile of joy,
As an angel dream passed o'er him.

He carved the dream on that shapeless stone,
With many a sharp incision;
With Heaven's own light the sculptor shone-
He'd caught that angel vision

Children of life are we, as we stand
With our lives uncarved before us,
Waiting the hour when, at God's command,
Our life dream shall pass o'er us.

If we carve it then on the yielding stone,
With many a sharp incision,
Its heavenly beauty shall be our own,
Our lives that angel vision.
~William Croswell Doane



Oh my this is a hand drawn picture of my step-grandson Nikolaos.
One of my first attempt at doing a portrait.
medium: pencil n charcoal
hand drawn n photograph by ranie patridis



This is my first beaded cabochon. This was so much fun! By the time I got to the class well I ended up with the left over. ..giggle..This cabochon stone was a soft grey with flicks of peach shades. I looked at this stone for a long time then I went to the beads seeing what I could come up with to match the very limited colors of the stone. By the time I put all my colors together everyone was oohing over my cab. The necklace is beaded also. Everyone commenting how Vintage it look, I just smile, all I did was work with the colors within the stone and it turn out just fine. I had to smile when one of the ladies made the comment if I had known that stone would be that pretty I would have taken it. ..*smile*.. Well it just shows ya, the beauty is within a soul.

~photograph by ranie patridis



you make a doll. I wasn't feeling so good when I turn 50 years young a few years back. I wanted my birthday to be a big bang something really special. It didn't happen! Boy was I disappointed, over on one of my doll groups this challenge was going on. This doll is a design of Phyllis who is the owner n moderator Cloth Doll Maker group. I took her doll pattern and came up with a doll that represent all my feelings, a little bit naughty yet pure, still a child at heart and a gentle soul. It seems I always give more than I take which is a good thing. Just would like to be notice some times and be made a fuss over especially on my birthday. This doll face is needle sculpted the arms face are painted. The teddy bear is hand crochet and a beaded necklace the butterfly's made from fabric and painted. Wings made from feathers and wire.

Doll design by Phyliss
Teddy Bear, beading, butterfly, wings stand design by Ranie Patridis



1 2 3 o'clock
4 o'clock
5 6 7 8 o' clock
... lets rock around the clock ...
will something like that.
This post card is hand drawn with color pencils.
It was a very fun card to draw.

hand drawn
Ranie Patridis


Juanita Iris

photograph by ranie patridis

My miniature Iris have bloom. They are so tiny and precious. The are so delicate they bloom early in the spring. I'm not sure what their name is. Now I call them Juanita Iris, she was a little ole lady a bit grumpy a tad sour but her love for and knowledge of nature was unbelievable. This brought out the beauty and softness of Juanita. She has now left us so when I see these tiny little iris growing in my pot I say to myself how beautiful you are, it gently reminds me of a little ole lady name Juanita.



This is my first attempt at sculpting. My friend Diane started me with sculpting a face on a back of a spoon. We had so much fun making our face. Once done then we baked it in the oven. Funny baking a head in a oven. Well after a very long time I finally finish Shay found this nice stand he now hangs over my computer.

Back View

Now for the life of me I have not idea why anyone would want a hanging head. I'm not interested in making another with out a body. That reminds me I have one done that needs to be dress guess I better get busy.