My Church has but one temple
Wide as the world is wide,
Set with a million stars,
Where a million hearts abide.
My church has no creed to bar
A single brother man
But says, "come thou and worship"
To every one who can.
My church has no roof nor walls,
Nor floors save the beautiful sod-
For fear, I would seem to limit
The love of the illimitable God.
Unknown. Signed E.O.G.


The Little Book Challenge Swap

These two pages were fun. I decided that I needed to do something different so I made a open pocket so to speak using the Vegas theme. When you open the card up you will see all sorts of gaming machines and so much more.
The page on the right is a pocket with a tag in it that has a picture of a key. Hence the title Key to my heart.


The Little Book Challenge Swap

This page is funny. I don't know why but I got to thinking about years past when I was in High School it was such a big thing to have somebody streaking through the school grounds only in their shoes n socks. Darn! I never got to see it there sure was a buzz about it though. Since I could not get it out of my mind I decided to add it in the pages of this book.


The Little Book Challenge Swap

As this challenge went on I discovered that I needed to make things up for the pages. I did not want to just glue different pieces of paper together I wanted maybe some kind of a theme on the pages.
As you can see here I had a poem about friends that someone gave me that I put with this picture then on the right side a picture of Ma n Dad I made up a letter you can see part of an envelope with a stamp on it.


The Little Book Challenge Swap

Here are a couple more pages what made this book a ch
we were to only use the what ever we received from others
I did not think it would be such a challenge but it turn into one.


Little Book Challenge Swap

I have been working on some pages for the Little Book Challenge Swap over at ATCsforALL the next few days I will be sharing you pages of this book that I made. 
Here is the front and back pages.



Learn to wait-life's hardest lesson
Conned, perchance, through blinding trears;
While the heart throbs sadly echo
To the tread of passing years.
Learn to wait-hope's slow fruition;
Faint not, though the way seems long;
there is joy in each condition;
Hearts through suffering may grow strong.
Thus a soul untouched by sorrow
Aims not at a hight state;
Joy seeks not a brighter morrow;
Only sad hearts learn to wait.
Author Unknown