May His Counsels Sweet uphold you,
And His Loving Arms enforld you,
As you journey on your way.
May His Sheltering Whings protect you,
And His Light Divine direct you,
Turning Darkness into day.
May His Potent Peace surround you,
And His Presence linger with you,
As your inner, golden ray.
Author Unknown



Another Zentangle I have been seeing different artist drawing an object turning it into a zen. It is so neat. I went one step further I drew an object in this case a teddy bear which I zen then zen the background. I really like how they came out.

Zentangle Teddy Bear



One of my favorite times of the year is Fall with Fall comes Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, my husband and I always spend it alone coming from split families and everyone so far away from each other it is not easy to get together. This year Thanksgiving is different for all of us, with times being rough so many have lost so much. Yet, there are so many things to be thankful for now and each and every day!

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude to God,
Our creator and Provider,
whose guidance and care go before us....
and whose love is with us forever.
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the changes,
to remember that we, too, grown and change
from one season of life to another.
Thanksgiving is a time of changing seasons, 
when leaves turn golden in Autumn's wake
and apples are crips in the first chill breezes of fall.
Let us remember the ture meaning of Thanksgiving.
As we see the beauty of Autumn, let us acknowledge
the many blessings which are ours....
let us think of our families and friends...
and let us give thanks in our hears.
~Author Unknown~
may your day be special!
 4X4 Collage Chunkie Page


One Day to Thanksgiving

Times are rough, yet, we have so much to be thankful for!
Collage by Ranie
2.5 x 3.5


Two Days till Thanksgiving!

Here in the USA we are getting ready to Celebrate Thanksgiving which is on Thursday. A special day to remember our inheritance and a time to reflect be thankful for what we have.
Collage by Ranie
2.5 x 3.5



Over in the Flickr group the challenge for that week was REMEMBRANCE oh my I thought what should I do? As artist started turning in their cards they were all referring to love ones or soldiers that have pass on. Each had a comment which made me shed tears. A little emotional I am. As I thought about it I finally look up the word in the dictionary. Learning that Remembrance is also consider Memories, ah! I came up with something that I thought would be special and a bit different. I decided to collage a scene with a two-fold memory. A young girl standing before Yia Yia (Grandma) learning to do needle work as they are working the you child said to her Yia Yia, tell me a story when you where a little girl? Hence a young child forming a memory and Grandma looking back on her life sharing a memory of hers.


Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star
The beginning of a series that I will be working on, this one is ATC size. I also made one of these in the ATC size for a fellow artist in the November 1/1 trade.
Medium: Watercolor