Lord, Let me live like a Regular Man,
With Regular friends and true;
Let me play the game on a Regular plan
And play it that way all through;
Let me win or lose with a Regular smile
And never be known to whine,
For that is a Regular Fellow's style
And I want to make it mine!
Oh, give me a Regular chance in life,
The same as the rest, I pray,
And give me a Regular girl for wife
To help me along the way;
Let us know the lot of humanity,
Its regular woes and joys,
And raise a Regular family
Of Regular girls and boys!
Let me live to a Regular good old age,
With Regular snow-white hair,
Having done my labor and earned my wage
And played my game for fair;
And so at last when the people scan
My face on its peaceful bier,
They'll say, "Well, he was a Regular Man!"
And drop a Regular tear!
Berton Braley


A is for....

One of our challenges was to zentanlge an letter. Eventually I want to do the whole alphabet from time to time you will be seeing letters popping up here n there.
Hand Drawn
Medium: Ink


Altered CDs

Yellow Flowers
Hand Drawn
Medium: Ink and Watercolor



This last week over at Zentangle with a Twist Social Group that I host the challenge was to zentanlge a hand. You had two option, draw a hand or trace around your own hand. With time being so short so many things all going on at the same time I trace my hands all three of them infact. I am only showing one here now, in a few days you will see the other two. Each one different and special.
Zentangle Hand
Hand Drawn
Medium: Ink


Altered CDs

I believe that this one is one of my favorite Zentanlge CD
Hand Drawn
Medium: Ink


Man of Iron

Participated in a Challenge over in a group at Flickr. That week challenge was to draw our interpretation of Iron of Man by Leonardo DeVinci.  Well before I show it to you I got to playing around on my computer took my drawing of Man of Iron digitally changed it completely.
Pretty Cool!
Now here is the actual picture
Hand Drawn
Medium: Ink and Watercolor



Everyone gets their rough day.
No one gets a free ride.
Today so far,
I had a good day.
I got a dial tone.
Rodney Dangerfield