Here Little Pussy Cat....

Cats! Oh my!
Do I love cats
The can be so cuddly
yet so full of mischief

There is one that is always watching everything you do
Or waiting patiently for that poor little mouse
Not to say a cat that knows it all
No matter what you say or do
Miss Know It All 
is constantly talking right back to you

There is always one that loves to purr
so fat and lazy
it just wants to curl up into your lap

The Talker who is constantly
meow, meow, meow
no matter what you do
That cat is constantly talking to you

Cats are amazing creatures
with those soft mysterious eye's
Always ready to be near you
Yet not willing to be control
Always stands a bit away
Ready to bounce at a moment
Here little pussy cat come
cuddle up to me!
~Ranie Patridis