Boss Hoss - A Song Within My Heart

This is one of those days when everything went right. This morning my yard is a happy one, the birds were at the feeder having breakfast singing their little hearts out. My cats Tabby and Bobby try their best to catch one of those lovely birds. Not sure if that is ever going to happen their hunting skills are lacking. Must be all that good food I feed them. Hubby fusses he wants them to catch gophers so far those gophers are not looking interesting to them ..giggle.. Such a beautiful day we will be taking off riding our Boss Hoss trike. You say what is a Boss Hoss Trike it is 3 wheeler with 355 horse power corvet engine that rumbles between your legs. Has a turbo hydro 350 automatic transmission and its ALL MINE! I do share it with hubby and we do take turns driving it too.
Here I am driving this beauty my husband is wonderful riding on the back. The guys do give him a bad time when they see me driving it with him on the back. We have so much fun with this trike to be fair guess I should show a picture of him driving it too. Ooops! It's me again ..giggle.. did I tell you this is my Boss Hoss!

So excited that spring is here weather nice we are off for a joy ride.......see ya later!

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CattyCat said...

I have never seen such a massive tri-cycle. Love that is is red. So much fun, and much safer than a two-wheeler for sure. Have fun fun.