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You may be wondering what is ATC it's Artist Trading Cards. They are cards that are made to the size of 2.5 by 3.5 which Artist draw or paint on them. Some even make collages in these size. I've have seen fabric, metal, clay artist cards too. It is a great way of making friends and collecting all sorts or different medium cards. I love making atc. As you can see I have atc that I have drawn or painted made into collages even fabric now I am considering metal. Already picked up my supplies for that. Here you see a card that I did in a Zentangle drawing. I think it is so funny that doodling been given such a fancy name. I love to doodle it is so relaxing. I have come up with several different styles of doodling some time I like to add color to my piece other times I don't. My doodling is all done in ink. You say you can not draw, well, doodle instead. You may want to join the world of ATC's and do some trading with us.

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CattyCat said...

Nope, I know what ATCs are. LOL

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