Do you like to take photograph? I do, I have been taking pictures for years. Sometimes they are good other times well not so good. Last summer my husband and I would walk around the reservoir in the early mornings. It was just beautiful! As we walk along I kept seeing beautiful sites for taking pictures but I didn't want to bring my camera it isn't the smallest thing. Not to say we were suppose to be walking around the reservoir to get some exercise.But as the days pass on I just couldn't resist and ended up bringing my Nikon camera with me several times. I don't know what was worse walking up n down those hills around the reservoir or walking around slowly carrying a heavy camera. ..giggle.. This year I am going to have to figure out an easier way of carrying my camera. For I know there is going to be another perfect picture that I am going to have to take. As you can see in these two pictures that there are so many different views to behold. One day as hubby and I walk around the reservoir we were lucky to see an eagle dip down to catch a fish. It was just beautiful leave it to me to have my camera in the case. ..*smile*.. It will always be in my mind though!

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