Art ~ATC Here We Go Again!

It's funny how little things in life makes a person wonder about them selves. Here I am trying with all my might to draw a portrait from a photograph from a magazine. I have spent hours sketching, erasing adding a shadow here n there still I do not have it quiet right. Back to the drawing board ..sigh.. take a look below, well back to the drawing board. Do you think I'll ever get this figure out! I started taking these drawing lessons here in my little neck of the woods. My goal was to learn how to draw realistic faces for my cloth dolls that I make. Well once I started drawing I discover that I really love it and I've been trying to draw ever since. My friend Diane kept telling me about this Artist Trading Card group now name ATCsforALL where you design cards that are 2.5 x 3.5 and trade them with fellow Artist. It is there that I discover that there is a lot more to just trading. I'm having a blast. I am in a Portrait Drawing Group hence the portrait up above. We are to draw a Reaslim Portrait, a Art History Portrait and Your Own Style from this one portrait. ..giggle.. I think I started with my own style first! I'll have to keep you updated on these drawings so come back!

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