Doll ~ The Rag Doll

Today my little friend spoke to me she was a little rag doll that I created a long time ago. She wanted to be re-adjusted in her chair as she gaze at the sunshine filtering through the windows. Rosa Lee is her name.

Rosa Lee is just a little rag doll. She is base on the old fashion painted rag doll of the past. The early Americans want a doll for their children where they could play with them without breaking. Some of the mothers who were talented in the Arts started experimenting with the simple rag doll painting their heads, arms n legs with oil paints. They were a hit, and some went on to make them to sale. This is a "Collector" doll not a toy for a child to play with.


Liza's just a rag doll,
Old and awful lookin';
I don't like her any more,
She's going to get forsooken.

What I want's a jointy doll
With hair and pretty dresses,
Instead of these old woolly things
That look such awful messes.

Yet, Liza is a good doll,
And such a quiet sleeper;
She never breaks or comes apart-
I guess I'd better keep her!
-Junius L. Cravens

Rag dolls are special the are warm n cuddly you always have someone to tell your secrets too. ..*smile*..

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Susie said...

I love these types of doll. so much work. Thanks for sharing.