Photography ~ Boss Hoss Day Trip


Ole shoe tree how a
re ye
Standing there so tall and graceful
On your limbs hang graceful moss
Oh my, what is that?
Is that a Shoe I see
Not one but hundreds of s
hanging from your graceful limbs.
How did those shoe get there?

Does anyone stop like me
To admire your graceful trims.
Ole shoe tree how are ye?
by Ranie Patridis

This tree was loaded with shoes and long moss. I would guess there are 50 pairs of shoes or more in this tree.

As we stood under this tree admiring all these shoes
I just couldn't believe that some one would throw perfectly
good shoes up into a tree. There was a pair of shoes laying on the ground. I don't know if it fell out of the tree or someone just didn't get that pair onto the tree. The shoes look like they would fit a young child. Mike and I took turns trying to throw the shoes up into the tree but the strap on it was too small for the branches to catch it. We finally gave up as I was taking more pictures I kept looking at the poor little pair of shoes all alone on the ground then suddenly I notice a branch I could reach and I very carefully gave this little shoe a place among its piers. ..giggle..

It is a site to see, if you ever get a chance this tree is on Hwy 36 in Humboldt County.

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