Boss Hoss - A Song Within My Heart contuine.....

Oh what a glorious day. Mike and I rode around 300 miles today. We got the bug, tomorrow we will be going out again. While riding today I was thinking how Mike and I like the simple things in life how we have so much fun! It reminded me of this poem.


It's just the little homely things,
The unobtrusive, friendly things,
The "wont-you-let-me-help-you" things
That make our pathway light-
And it's just the jolly, joking things,
The "never-mind-the-trouble" things,
The "laugh-with-me, it's funny" things
That make the world seem bright.

For all the countless famous things,
The wondrous, record-breaking things,
Those"never-can-be-equalled" things
That all the paper cite,
Aren't like the little human things,
The everyday-encountered things,
The "just-because-I-like-you" things
That make us happy quite.

So here's to all the simple things,
The dear "all-in-a-day's-work" things,
The "smile-and-face-your-troubles" things,
Trust God to put them right!
The "done-and-then-forgotten" things,
The "can't-you-see-I-love-you" things,
The hearty "I-am-with-you" things
That make life worth the fight
~Author Unknown

It is pure simple things that Mike and I enjoy doing the most. We load up take a ride on our motorcycle, stop here in there taking photographs of sites of interest. It is that companionship that we cherish the most with each other. Oh what a beautiful fun day it was, put a song within my heart. See ya later......

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