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Vashti Beaded Doll

Now you say what is a beaded doll? For me I took a piece of fabric turn it into a tube doll which I stuffed with polyester fiberfill. I made a clay head then I attached it to the tube. I also made it so that it would stand on this wood base.

Then came the beading. I hand stitched each bead to the whole body. I beaded around the head making it look like a band then I made the hair out of beads. That took me a very long time to do may I add.

Once the body was fully covered in beads then I stated adding the skirt and the trims etc. to give it the look that it is wearing a skirt and top. This was a very fun project that I did.

How many beads are on this 8 inch doll? I don't know, care to guess? What I enjoy the most about making this Beaded Art Doll it was very relaxing. I would sit each night faithfully working on this doll till she was done. I enter in her the Trinity County Fair won a Blue Ribbon, Best of Show, First of Class boy was I surprise also delighted.

I enjoy working in several different mediums especially when it comes to my doll making. I try to start out with an idea what I'm going to do but before I know it my whole idea has change due to the personality of the doll I am working on. Like this bead doll I had this idea using all different kinds of bright beads small n large but as I started working on it, well, another whole idea develop instead. This is consider a "Collector" doll not a toy for a child to play with.

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Michelle said...

wow that's alot of beads! Very beautiful!

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