BOSS HOSS ~ Trinity Lake

The country side is just beautiful this time of the year. Mike and I rode up around Trinity Lake we were quiet surprise seeing this lake so low. The locals were driving down this boat ramp to get to the river and the lake. They were having so much fun down there.

This boat ramp is where the river runs into the lake. It is so sad to see how low this lake is. This lake filters on down to the Lewiston Lake which is kept full. We are hoping the snow on the Trinity Alps will be enough to fill up Trinity Lake. Not sure that is going to happen the lake is so low, oh my, so low. You could see around the lake there has been some logging going on. On this trip around the lake were were bliss to see a Bald Eagle and to see a nest on top of a tree. As you can see we desperately need more rain if not snow to fill our rivers and lakes here in Northern California.

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