JOY RIDE .....

As I continue my saga of Joy Ride I left you at the Restaurant where we had a delightful lunch. We all had fish n chips the best I have ever eaten it was really good. We left there started heading home just as the fog was beginning to come in. In some section it was very cold thankfully I had my sweat shirt on. We headed back to Hwy 36 to come home. On the way back as you can see in this picture we stop up on South Fork the guys were checking out our trike trying to figure out why they kept smiling gas. That my hubby showing the best side of him looking under the trike. we discover later that it had to do with the reserve gas tank. We believe we have the problem solved hopefully. Well that is the end of this saga we had a delightful day still put a smile on our face when we think of it.

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