My friend ArtstandingStranger a while back hosted a BLING Chunkie Page. I wanted to participate but at that time, well, my health was not the best I did not feel I should obligate myself. To my amazement one day visiting her admiring everyone chunkie pages she gave me one that she had made. Oh it's beautiful! So since I'm one of these people that says I'm not making chunkie pages I decided to make her one hoping it will come out okay. I'm not a Bling person more of a tom boy and shiny things don't always grab my attention. 
Ranie BLING for Diane
I base my BLING on a Couple of Lovers I use embossing powders, pearl ex, glitter, bling, beads, lace, clipart, metallic watercolor paints, threads and yarns. I had so much fun making this that I made myself one too. Now I have a total of 3 different chunkie pages for myself. This is so addicting. 
Ranie Bling Chunkie Page
Well, they are almost just alike a little different not much. I like to make an extra one for me. To be able to show off my work in person. Always looks so much better in person than a picture. I tend to give most of my stuff away. Now I beginning to have a nice display of my art.

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Outstanding Stranger said...

WhooHoo....I love it...can't wait to see it in person...good job. Hugs Diane