Vintage Tag

Over on the Flickr site i belong to a group of artist that once a week we have a challenge swap. At this time the challenge was making a Vintage Tag size 2.5 x 3.5 Well I made one, loved it so much I kept it. After all it was my first tag I had ever made. 
vintage tag #1
~ Ranie Patridis
I love Fall I love seeing the changing of the colors not to say the harvest from all your grow. Pumpkins are my favorite squash I love pumpkin pie and soup. Can't you see a child carving faces into a pumpkin at harvest time? I can. This is a collage I alcohol Ink the background then I added vintage clip art that I had layering it. I like to cut my figures out and mix them up. Then I cut up some straw very small then last not least like to take my paints and touch up the clipart. I then add a bunch of yarns and ribbons to hang by. I kept this one and thought to myself  you can make another one for the challenge to swap. That you will see tomorrow.

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