Vintage Tag #2

Here is my 2nd vintage tag. I have a friend here that is also involved in a lot of art groups. She is mostly into chunky books right now. I'm trying to stay away from them. Anyway she just host a Blink Chunky Book swap. Well I wasn't sure what bling was, the other day I went over to her house admiring everyone chunkie book pages. Some marvelous work there ladies! After viewing all that lovely work seeing what they use for bling ..giggle.. I have bling, oh how funny. While working on this 2nd vintage tag for the challenge swap over on the flickr site I just couldn't get that bling out of my head.
vintage tag #2
~Ranie Patridis
Oh my, once working on this card I started adding bling in the form of beads, lace and button. The clip art I painted with metallic acrylic paint add lace to hang the tag by. When all done and said, I couldn't let this go either. This was my 2nd tag and my first bling ..giggle.. I kept it!...and NO I did not attempt to try to do a 3rd one I decided that 2 attempts were enough. Hopefully when I enter the next challenge swap I'll be strong enough to let go....

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